what does the wolf say?

As some of you may know, my Mom is in the hospital and it’s pretty severe. My sister got to come home on emergency leave from overseas. I had to go to the airport from the hospital to pick her up. At this point I have been pretty much living in the hospital waiting room for three days. I’m tired, crabby, I am in terrible need of a shower, I haven’t eaten a meal that hasn’t consisted of salt and MSG since I left and I’m getting real annoyed with my family members.

Before I left, my family said to not hit anything and watch out for dogs on this specific highway I would be driving on. My response of course was, “pfft, I’m gonna hit the damn dogs if they are on the highway, they should be sleeping it’s late.”

I joked about hitting something and decided I would be the one to drive on the way up there knowing that out of the two options, Ryan and myself, I was the more responsible driver.

We drove to the airport, grabbed Lea and headed back to the hospital. We were followed by her best friend Caitlin who wanted to be there when Lea got off the plane.

We were driving along when all of a sudden I see something out of the corner of my eye sprinting across the ditch right into the highway. As I focused, it wasn’t a deer, my first thought was, ‘IT’S A DOG, AND I’M GOING TO KILL SOME LITTLE GIRL’S PUPPY!’

As it began to get closer to my headlights I knew I didn’t have a chance in Hell. I slammed on my breaks, my sister yelled “OH MY GOD DON’T LOOK!” Out of the corner of my eye, she plugged her ears and dropped down to not see the murder that was about to take place. As I went to close my eyes as well like an idiot, I noticed right before we hit that it wasn’t a dog, it was the biggest wolf I’ve ever seen!

It flew about 20 feet, spun around and when it came to a stop, of course it was looking right at me. Worst yet, it was still breathing. I felt so bad. I grabbed my phone to call 911 and realized I had no idea where I was. The wolf was on the center line, it was night, and cars would be coming straight for it. I called 911 and they asked where I was. I tried to explain but they couldn’t figure it out fast enough and that’s when I saw the car coming. My sister was like, “oh my god, the car is going to run it over!”

The 911 dispatcher was still trying to talk to me and I said, “Oh my god, a car is coming and it’s going to run it over.” The car got silent, as well as the dispatcher, as we all waited as the car swerved and just missed the wolf. I was relived but sad that it was still in pain.

“The car missed the wolf, we still need the cops to come and shoot it!” I said with a slight panic in my voice.
I was transferred to another 911 dispatch, apparently closer to my location, and began explaining what happened again. Just as I was telling them my name, we saw it, a semi and a car coming in both lanes.

This could go two ways. The car would either get into the farthest lane from us and swerve to miss the wolf or it would stay in the right lane and then see the wolf last minute and swerve into us to not hit the semi on the left but hit us on the right.

The dispatcher was still trying to talk to me, “Oh my god, this is it, we are going to die, the car is not getting over, it’s going to swerve into us and Caitlin’s car!”

Ryan in the back is yelling, “We are gonna die, this is it, why isn’t the car getting over!!!”

We watched in horror as our car again got silent and we braced ourselves for impact, but at the last moment the car went into the far lane behind the semi who was not moving and headed straight for the wolf.

“DON’T LOOK, THIS IS GOING TO BE BAD!” yelled Ryan in the backseat.

The car again went silent as we all either looked away or covered our eyes. I looked just as the semi’s front tires were running over the wolf and the initial splatter of blood was flying through the air.


This seriously looked like a crime scene, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the massive amounts of fresh blood covering the road. There were bones and intestines lining the ground.

You always wonder how those massacres happen on the highway and we got to witness one first hand!
“It’s over, it’s all over, THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!” I yelled.

“What do you mean there is blood everywhere, who’s blood!!!?” asked the dispatcher starting to sound frantic and frustrated.

“The semi took care of the wolf, there is nothing left, we don’t need the cops anymore.”

I looked back at Caitlin in the car behind us and the look on her face was utter shock and she had her hand over her mouth just staring, this situation was ridiculous.

This dispatcher must have thought we were crazy at this point, you have girls screaming ‘there is blood everywhere’ and ‘this is it, we are going to die’ followed by multiple breaks of silence and uncoorperation. Yikes, I felt bad for this lady. If patience is a virtue, this lady has ticket straight to the big man up top for dealing with crazy asses.

Ryan assessed the damage on my car and I only had a mangled license plate and a missing piece of bumper,holy crap that is crazy, this wolf was huge!

We were almost tempted to call them back and ask if we can get a recording of the call because looking back the whole thing was pretty freaking funny.

If that wasn’t a mood changer, I think that was the first time I smiled all week.


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